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Is DJ cuppy in a relationship with broda shaggi

Billionaire Femi Otedola’s daughter, Florence Otedola popularly known as DJ Cuppy, and social media comedian, Broda Shaggi, are always seen in each other’s company these days. The gist in town is that they could just be more than friends. At the unveiling of Cuppy’s Gelato clothing line in Lekki, Lagos, recently, Broda Shaggi literally accompanied her to the venue.

Also, her dad recently jokingly described him as Cuppy’s new boyfriend. This happened when she called him to wish him a happy birthday and the billionaire spotted Shaggi with her. At the moment, the identity of the man who has Cuppy’s heart is not clear. Unlike her younger sister, Temi Otedola, who has made it obvious to all that she is in love with singer Mr Eazi, Cuppy has made her love interest a puzzle for everyone to crack.

However, DJ Cuppy made it known that she was single during her 27th birthday recently and of course, Broda Shaggi was nowhere in sight during her birthday celebration. For all we care, it could be a decoy

She once dated Nigerian footballer Victor Anichebe. At a time too, she seemed to be in a relationship with Davido’s manager, Asa Asika.

Femi Otedola who is the father of DJ Cuppy also reacted to – comedy skit where Broda Shaggi kissed his daughter. Femi tagged Broda Shaggi as his son-in-law, which further fueled the rumors that they were dating.

However, according to a new controversial comment by a Nigerian on Instagram, Broda Shaggi cannot date Dj Cuppy because he has a girl he has been dating from his undergraduate days in the University.

The fans made this known when Shaggi stormed the comment section to declare his love for Dj Cuppy. He posted a heart emoji to compliment a recent picture that Cuppy posted online.

The most shocking part of the event was that Cuppy who has since be claiming to be single, snubbed BrodaShaggi’s comment. We think she has her eyes on a bigger fish and that is Anthony Joshua

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