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Relationships tips

A Ghanian actress, Tracey Boakye has disclosed an incredibly shocking information when it comes to her relationship life.

The actress who has gained wide fame through controversy surrounding her and a senior member of a state which sometime now has become the talk of the town.

According to the Kumawood actress, relationship has become some sort of difficult task for her lately, so she has adopted a flexible way to go through her sexual fantasy.

She revealed that, she is now extremely picky when it comes to choosing a sex partner, and that she sends them away when she’s sexually satisfied.

So therefore the public have been reacting on that secret she disclosed to them, saying what you do things like this what do you expect we your fans to do same or what and this has caused so much reactions in Ghana right now and she told them am living my life to please myself do yours to your satisfaction.

Most men are after women who are physically fit, beautiful and healthy, well that is what attract most people, it doesn’t mean all men prefer that, as there are some who prefers to know a woman’s personality, intelligence, manners and inner thoughts before getting into anything serious.

Women love to use this phrase “All Men Are The Same” due to bad experience with men in the past or witnessing it, but not all men are the same or else this world would have been in chaos, as much as men love the women in their lives to be physical and mentally attractive, and the most important thing is that men want a woman who is really compatible with. Smart men are always after smart women is part of compatibility cycle.

An intellectual and intelligent woman is mostly preferred by males of the same stature or level, as we know Slay Queens are preferred by Blessers as a level of compatibility.

Love plays an intrinsic part in our lives. It not only affects our physical well-being, but also our mental and emotional health. While the world may look like a better place when you are in love, everything may seem bleak and gloomy after a bad break-up. Our expert advice and tips are backed by scientific research and studies. This guide will help you at every stage of your relationship to figure out what’s right for you. Bookmark this page to know all about from how to date to how to break up and everything in between.


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