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The best guide lines of relationship

Relationship does not count only by having a girl friend

by young MA

In the last moment of life relationship is not counted the vampire life has brought a lot of clearance to the human race that love can be figured in terms of good relationship also can be disfigured in terms of bad was said that more money is the root of strong between a man and a woman that is the real pure example of a vampire more love is associated by money or no money all we know is that all one day have to see our pilot face to face the pilot here refers to God .. Adam is man eat the fruit the woman gave him because of love he has for her not because he is afraid of her
It hots to love someone and never the kind of love in return many niggas don't pull the rules of love because they don't see their partners with good quality say bad about things about me does not mean you hate me say good things about me does not mean you love me that lyrics attach to life

To all ladies

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